.308 Rifle Quick Summary
The. 308 Winchester has constantly been a prominent option for shooters and seekers because it is fairly cost-effective, workable recoil, and also its capacity to search medium to a large-sized game.

That being claimed, it doesn’t use the very same performance as larger quality rifle such as the .300 Win Mag or 7mm Rem Mag, so your selection of scope is that far more essential. The .308 changed the 30-06 rifle for army usage in the 1980s.

A .308 cartridge is fantastic all-around hunting rifle for a tool to big sized pets, depending upon just what grain ammo you are filling, your accuracy, and also range.

I directly don’t like shooting huge game at cross countries with a .308 for honest reasons but it sure does take down deer or hogs at nearly any type of distance.

In regards to determining which scope you need to mount on your .308 hunting rifle, I recommend spending concerning half as high as you spent on the rifle.

Innovation has actually enhanced much enough that you can certainly get away with a $200 scope if you choose– it just may not be rather as accurate or last fairly as lengthy.

Considerations for the Best .308 Rifle Scope

Before getting a rifle scope for your.308, speak with your searching as well as shooting buddies to obtain their guidance. There is no substitute for doing your research!

Make a decision how far you plan on shooting. Exactly what is your perfect or probably shot?

For me, I desire a scope that can supply the precision for a minimum of a 300-yard shot. I locate that is at the luxury for the majority of the hunting I do as well as to be sincere if you are stressed over making a 600-yard shot, you probably typically aren’t giving on your own the best possibility for searching success.

If you are trying to find the most effective rifle scope for a. 308, think about buying a top-quality spotting scope.

These will certainly enable you to see better distances to find wildlife as well as are frequently made use of on the shooting range so you could see precisely where your bullet is striking the target. This way you can truly tweak your scope!

Rate array is important when choosing what scope will certainly service your rifle. You don’t need to buy a $1500 Schmidt & Bender I do recommend costs between $150 and also $500.

If that isn’t in your price variety today, do yourself a support and also save some more loan prior to “pulling the trigger” on acquiring a new scope.

There are a lot of brand names out there making top quality and budget-friendly extents for a 308. See “A Full List of the most effective Rifle Scope Brands (Including Most Affordable Rifle Scope Brands)” for a listing of the most prominent brands.

Leupold’s Mark AR MOD 1 is technically intended for AR rifles, several of which fire.308 ammo. No matter, we assume it makes an ideal friend for any kind of.308 gun you care to shoot! It’s an extra technical, sophisticated choice with the exact same magnifying variety as the VX-2. Get this if you desire the most premium.308 alternative with maximum finesse!


The Mark AR has the very same zoom range as the VX-2 (3-9X), neatly rounding out most of the.308’s functional variety. It’s a great all-purpose scope for both searching and target practice.

This set’s far better than the VX-2 at the top end of its range, though. Not only is the glass slightly enhanced, with better light transmission and clarity, however, the reticle and adjustment handle provide much more finesse. Where the VX-2 has a straightforward duplex reticle and also fundamental adjustments, the Mark AR has a technological pedigree.

It features a tactical milling reticle engraved right into the second focal aircraft. That offers you far more accuracy than any type of duplex! And since it gets on the second focal airplane, it doesn’t alter dimension on you as you zoom. It’s paired with 1/2 MOA adjustment turrets so you could truly dial in your target.

Having much finer adjustments makes this a remarkable choice for folks that shoot at the furthest reaches of a. 308’s useful range. The Mark AR is furthermore a better choice if you want to shoot technically with a rifle shooting.308 ammunition.

As being extra accurate than the VX-2, the Mark AR is extra pleasurable to utilize. In big part, that’s down to Leupold’s Firedot brightened reticle attribute. Your target appears with a point of green light on the lens, which you could adjust to being either larger or finer.

The Firedot feature absolutely makes this really feel even more deluxe, but it also has some quite practical benefits. We have actually discovered that it’s extremely useful in low-light problems, specifically when you’re shooting at a significant distance.

It’s easy to tailor the lighting feature, as well. There are 5 levels of illumination to select from. You make all your changes using a solitary control button, which keeps things from obtaining chaotic. We additionally such as that a motion sensing unit transforms it on instantly (you could switch it to manual if you wish to be extra conventional with your battery).

Just like the VX-2, the Mark AR sports flawless construct quality. There’s the most recent multicoat 4 on all lenses, 2nd gen. argon/krypton gas removing, and also a single-piece lightweight aluminum tube. It’s waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof, covered by Leupold’s lifetime guarantee. Building and construction do not improve then this!


The tactical turrets are revealed, which suggests they’re at risk of being knocked senseless of an area when you’re out searching in the area. That’s one drawback of going technologically with your .308. If you don’t need this much finesse as well as choose a less complex method, stick to the VX-2.

While it’s very exact, it has a relatively reduced variety. You won’t be able to make slim chances a lot over 500 yards with this scope. That’s sensible for a .308, yet we know some people prefer to push out further.