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September 2023

    Marian Burk Wood is the author of the popular genealogy book Planning a Future for Your Family's Past, an experienced genealogy speaker, and a long-time blogger about family history at:

    Marian holds a BA from the City University of New York and an MBA from Long Island University in New York.

    Born in the Bronx and now transplanted to New England, Marian has been researching her family tree for 25 years, with a special interest in preserving and perpetuating family history.

Marian Burk Wood

Planning a Future for Your Family's Past

Saturday, S
eptember 16, 2023

the recording of Marian's presentation below will be available only for
30 days.

    Ancestors' photos, stories, documents, and heirlooms are part of your family's past, but there's no guarantee that they will outlive you. Get ideas for protecting your genealogy collection by: organizing and storing materials safely; curating your collection to focus on key items for your family tree; writing a "genealogical will" to safeguard your collection for the future; and sharing your family's history now.

    This presentation will suggest specific steps you can take today to preserve your family's legacy for tomorrow, even if there are no obvious heirs for your genealogy materials.

Program will be in-person, and via Zoom, unless otherwise stated.

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