Jenny Sharrer

Director &
Program Chair

Jenny Sharrer.jpg

Jenny was elected as Director of WHAGS following a year serving as President in 2020-2021, successfully leading WHAGS through a very difficult year.  Previously she served 2 years as a Director and as the society's Librarian.  In addition, she served as the interim membership chair for about a year.  She has been a member of HWFGS since 2015.  Jenny attended the Texas State Genealogical Society’s state conference in October 2019.

      Jenny has been researching her German, Irish, Great Britain, and Scandinavian heritage for about eight years.  Her interest in genealogy was sparked by telling her bother she would find out when their gg-grandmother was born and died so they could place a monument at her grave site.   The five graves in the family plot were marked by field stones.  Well, here it is eight years later, the monument is in place but she and the family may never know exactly when Sarah Apple Apple was born or died.  Jenny thinks Sarah married her uncle…so yes, her maiden name was Apple.

      Jenny is the first of three children born in Long Beach, California.  Shortly after her birth the family moved to a small working farm in Yell County, Arkansas.  You may recognize the county’s name as the same county the movie, True Grit, was based on!  After traipsing around the country for work and travel, she is now content to stay in Houston to spend lots of time with her first grandson, born on August 29, 2020. 

      She is very proud of the HWFGS’ purpose to provide educational opportunities to its members and visitors and enjoys the camaraderie of like-minded researchers.