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Neal Scott

Vice President & Webmaster


    I'm a Native Texan whose paternal roots go back through Mississippi to South Carolina, and maternal lines to Tennesse and Kentucky then to North Carolina and Virginia, but all lines seem to end up back in Scotland, England, and Ireland.

    I was a teen when I first got the genealogy bug when I found my parents' (and family) names in a book titled "The Beverley Family of Virginia" a publication of the descendants of Major Robert Beverley, 1641-1687.  It was an on-again off-again hobby for many years.

    Upon retiring in 2017 I finally found the time to do more research, build my tree and "collect cousins" who I visit when I can when I'm traveling.  I've also really enjoyed finding and visiting my ancestors' burial places and honoring them by cleaning and maintaining their grave markers as I'm able.

    I look forward to serving the Society and doing what I can do to help it grow, thrive, and modernize, and help others to enjoy this worthy hobby as much as I have.

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