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WHAGS Leadership Team


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Neal Scott

Director 2020-2023



Neal Scott

Director 2020-2023



Neal Scott

Director 2020-2023




Gail Colby

DNA SIG Leader

   Gail never knew her family history, and became interested after visiting her mother's hometown of East Hampton, New York.


Neal Scott

Vice President
Beginners SIG Leader


    I’m a native Texan whose paternal roots go back through Mississippi to South Carolina, and maternal through Kentucky to Virginia, both sides with deep Colonial roots. But all my lines seem to end up back in Scotland, England and Ireland....


Chuck Philip


    I was born and raised in Vermont. I did live in Houston my first two years of High School and that is where I met my future wife, Liz. After graduating high school in Vermont, I enlisted in the US Air Force....


Pacquitta Laverents


Program Chair

   I enjoy solving puzzles. There-fore, it seemed natural to choose genealogy as a hobby when I retired in 2020 from a rewarding career as a life insurance actuary.

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Diane Rausch

Director 2021-2024


    When I married my husband, Vince, he was in the Air Force, and we moved a lot over the next 25 years.  After my husband retired from the AF we moved to Williamsburg, VA for his 2nd career.  We lived there for 20 years and had planned to retire there but we decided we would love to be close to our son and his family in Texas.  So, four years ago, we packed up and moved to Cypress, Texas.

Ron Ware 2022

Ron Ware

Director 2022-2025

Newsletter Editor

    I have pursued the hobby of genealogy on and off for some 40 years and still have so much to learn. I love visiting courthouses and archives in my never-ending search for ancestors.
    I joined WHAGS in 2020, where I served for a year as webmaster and am currently beginning a stint as the second newsletter editor. I look forward to participating in this great hobby for years to come.


Rick Armes

Director 2023-2026

G2 SIG Leader
& Trips Chair

     I was raised in a Military family.  While in the Army, my dad met and married my mom in Thailand.  Through Mom, I have roots in Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Denmark and Laos.  On Dad’s side, I descend from Pennsylvanian farmers who trace their roots back to colonial times and to the Isle of Jersey in the 1400’s....

Committee Chairs


Liz Philip

Membership Chair

    I’m a native Houstonian who grew up in Spring Branch and my roots go back through Louisiana and Washington State. 
    Discovering our family history through genealogy can help us tell the stories of our past to our future generations.

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Mary Sandmann


    I have always loved history and exploring my roots as well as the roots of the company I worked for in Minnesota, General Mills. This led me to the Hennepin History Museum. I started as first a Director, then Vice President and President. It was truly a wonderful experience...


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