WHAGS Newsletter

WHAGS' newsletter contains information about speaker topics, upcoming events, and research tips.  It also covers member-submitted stories of how they began their research journey, lessons learned about research, and other topics of genealogical research value. 

Currently, we publish our newsletter September, October, November, and in the spring, January through May.  Our newsletter depends on the contributions of society members.  If you are interested in submitting an article please let the editor, Linda Hudson, know.  We try to plan so that our writers have ample time to work on their submission.  Integral to this effort is the timeline.  For example, the March newsletter will be published the last week of February with the 23rd as the goal.  Submissions need to be received by February 5th. However, dates are somewhat flexible. The newsletter is generated in Microsoft Publisher and all entries, after review, are included. Member, Nancy Crane, has been extremely helpful with the editing process.  Once the edits are made, we send the finished product to members in both Microsoft Publisher and PDF formats. 

If you have something you want to share, please consider writing about it for the newsletter. We need writers as well as suggestions for topics. Ideas can be shared informally, or by working on the newsletter committee. Participation doesn’t require a lot of time as we normally have only two planning meetings per year. 

Helping in this effort is a great platform for you to share all those lessons learned and discoveries you have made with other researchers.  We hope to hear from you!!

Linda Hudson, Editor


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