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Rick Armes, Coordinator

    How do we manage the thousands of media files we, as genealogist hunter-gatherers, have amassed over the years?  How do we keep track of photographs, negatives, birth certificates, land records, maps, video interviews with family members, etc.?  Just as importantly, how do we pass on our media to the next generation in a useful and organized manner?

    G2 (formerly named GENESSYS) is one answer.  G2 is software I wrote specifically to assist me throughout the research process, designed with an emphasis on cataloging media.   As you will see in this month’s SIG I now use G2 exclusively to manage my 5,000+ media files.   I know where I have stored every item whether it be binder, bin and/or digital folder.  For each cataloged media, file I can capture the important attributes:  source, repository, citation, website, date website last accessed, caption, people referenced, document type, document date, user-defined keywords, digital image and more!  

    From a reporting perspective, I can filter and view documents by source, person, person group (collection) and document type.  Once filtered I can produce a pdf to share with family members for their input and comments.   In this form the data can be passed down to the next generation.  The pdf can also be uploaded to an online publisher, such as Shutterfly, to produce an heirloom-quality book.

    Please consider sitting in on these monthly SIG meetings to see a 60 to 90 minute demonstration of the G2 software.  If you like what you see, I’ll be making the software available at no charge to WHAGS members later in the year.

Next meeting:  Wednesday, April 17th, 10:00 am, via Zoom.

Please visit the G2 SIG page in the Members Only area for more information, copies of handouts, and an active Zoom link to our next meeting.

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