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WHAGS Newsletter

    Hello. My name is Ron Ware, and I am the editor and publisher of our newsletter, The WHAGS Journal. It is a newsletter intended for the enjoyment of our members and others interested in genealogy.  We, the newsletter committee and I, hope to fill the monthly editions with interesting articles from members and others. Also, the pages will contain useful tips such as using unknown and little-used archives, libraries, and websites around the world.


    We publish our newsletter in September, October, and November with a break in December. Then we pick up in January with editions published through May.


    The success of this newsletter depends on you, the WHAGS member. We need your contributions. If you are interested in submitting an article, please let the editor, Ron Ware, know at


    We will publish the newsletter at the first of the month. So, if you plan to contribute an article, I will need it by the 20th of the previous month.


    I hope you as a WHAGS member and reader of this newsletter find it useful, entertaining, and educational. That is our goal.

Ron Ware, Editor

(webmaster's note:  Because the newsletter is considered a benefit of membership, only back issues are available on this page. The latest edition of the newsletter is available for current WHAGS members in the Members Only area of the website.)

Newsletter Back Issues


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