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Your Privacy is Important to Us


Protecting members’ privacy and being good stewards of your data is a high priority for our Society.  In our increasingly privacy conscious world, the Society wants to be more careful about our email contact with you.   As part of our commitment to you, the board has agreed on the following guidelines:


  • Emails sent to a group will have your email address put under the ‘Bcc’ vs. the ‘To’ or ‘CC’ sending options.  This practice prevents others from having access to your email address.

  • Our Membership List will be posted on the website only in a ‘Members Only’ area where access is granted only to other paid members.

  • The Membership List will be emailed to members twice a year, in November and again in May.

  • Members may only use the list for Society purposes, never sharing with anyone outside the Society, nor using the list for any form of commercial activity.

  • Emails sent to a group will have a statement at the bottom offering an option to request no further emails from the Society.


The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 established rules for commercial email and gives individuals the right to stop businesses from emailing them by unsubscribing.   We are a not-for-profit charity, not a commercial business.  Therefore, we are not regulated by the act.  However, we honor your right to privacy.  We hope the guidelines outlined above will satisfy any concerns you have about email within the Society.  We will never sell our Membership List or share it with anyone other than members.  We have faith you will honor this guideline, as well.  For more information about the law, refer to this site:  To reiterate, we are not a commercial business – so this law doesn’t apply to us.  We just want to protect your privacy. 

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