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Welcome Message...
from the WHAGS President


Welcome to the digital home of the West Houston Area Genealogy Society (WHAGS). We are a vibrant and growing community of genealogists interested in learning as much about our families and their histories as we can. Our motto is “Helping to find your roots!” WHAGS’ members span the genealogy spectrum from just beginning their genealogical journey to decades of family research. The annual calendar of activities (click here) reflects our members; it is designed and constructed based on input from them. The mainstay of WHAGS’ calendar is the monthly program from September through May.


As a result of COVID, WHAGS pivoted to hybrid monthly program presentations. These are presented live and simultaneously broadcast on Zoom. This allows WHAGS access to remote speakers, and more importantly, allows our members to participate in-person or from wherever they are via the internet. All special interest group (SIG) meetings are conducted on Zoom. WHAGS currently has three SIGs: DNA, Beginners Genealogy, and GENESSYS. The SIGs can be found under the Events tab above.

Over the past two years, WHAGS has conducted two in-person events. In the spring of 2022, we held a Beginner’s Genealogy Workshop that was open to the public. In July 2023, we conducted a members-only DNA workshop that focused on one-on-one interactions. Both events were well-attended and well-received. WHAGS is committed to helping our members and outreach to our community. We have a monthly Members Helping Members session on Zoom where members can bring questions, brick walls, ask for advice or help, and/or introduce a new source or technique that they discovered. These sessions are not lectures but are open forums for members to reach out to fellow members, ask questions, and share sources, techniques, and knowledge.


The upcoming year’s events and programs look very exciting! WHAGS continues to bring quality programs and events to its members and the public. There is something for everyone. I welcome our returning members and new members to the new year. I invite those of you who are not members, to attend, in-person or via Zoom, one of our monthly programs to see the value of what we offer. WHAGS would love to meet you! Hopefully, you will join us so we can help you find your roots!

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