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Welcome Message...
from the WHAGS President


    WHAGS is two months into our 2022-2023 program year and we have had two wonderful presentations packed with information to aid our genealogical research. Check out the Calendar of Events on this website to see what is scheduled for the remainder of the program year. Also, remember to check it regularly as things may change. We have secured transportation for a March trip to the Clayton Library, the date is to be determined.

    We finished our last program year strong. The Beginning Genealogy Workshop (BGW) in May was well-attended and well-received. The Leadership Team would like to offer a spring event like the BGW this program year and is looking for someone to coordinate it. If you are interested, please reach out to me. WHAGS also ended the year with seventy-three members. A new record! We are currently at sixty-two members for this year. Let’s strive to grow our organization and offerings.

    What are you interested in seeing WHAGS do? What is your passion in genealogy? Tell us what you want and are interested in. I like DNA. I would like to learn more about Y-DNA and use it in my research. If there is anyone else interested in Y-DNA, let’s get together and see what we know collectively and how we can learn more. I like to write my research as I go, but I tend to be technical and would like to introduce more “personality” into my narratives. People have expressed interest in a writing SIG; if you are also interested, let us know. With over sixty members, there is a good chance someone else is interested in something you are interested in.

    Check out the surname list in the Members Only section of the website. I found Bryant, Parsons, Baker, Williams, Coughlin, and Ketchum are names from my family tree in common with other members. Genealogy is usually a solitary undertaking, but it does not have to be. Reach out, you may find out there is a connection between you. This also extends to your DNA matches on the various DNA sites. If you share DNA, you are genetically related. Many of them won’t answer, but you will never know unless you reach out.

    Bottom line -- WHAGS is only as strong as our membership. You are the most important part of WHAGS.

    Please help us help you!!

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