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We Thank You for your extra financial support!

    As a ​501(c)(3) charitable organization, donations to WHAGS are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by federal tax laws. In a 2021 revision to our By-laws, three levels of donor recognition were established to honor those who make a financial contribution to the success of WHAGS, over and above their annual dues amount.

    Because of our donors, WHAGS is in the best financial condition anyone on the board can remember. We hope all will consider adding a little extra to their renewing membership in the future!

    And if your employer provides matching gifts, please take advantage of that opportunity to even further increase your support!

    Scroll to the bottom of the page to make your online donation now.

The three levels of donor recognition are:

  • Contributor - $20 - $49 donation

  • Benefactor - $50 - $99 donation

  • Patron - $100 or higher donation

2022-2023 Donors


    Rick Armes

    Gail Colby

    Pacquitta Laverents

    Neal T. Scott


    Donna Sparks


    Windy Corbett

    Kathy J. Muller

    Oleta Newcomb

    Jeanne Pressler

    Patrick Sammon

    Leonard Spearman, Jr.


2021-2022 Donors


     Joe & Brenda Carrington              Gail Colby

     Pacquitta Laverents                     Tom W. Matchett

     Neal T. Scott


     Oleta Newcomb                          Donna Sparks

     Ron Ware


     Sandra Anders                            Laurel Cull

     Cecilee Murphy                           Jeanie D. Smith

     Tom Woltz

Want to donate now? 

You can add your name to the list above.  Make your donation now through PayPal, venmo, or your credit card.  Or mail in a check.  Or bring a check to a meeting.  Any amount is greatly appreciated!

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