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     Michelle Leonard is a Scottish professional genealogist, DNA detective, author, speaker, historian and the official genetic genealogist of #AncestryHour. She runs her own genealogy and DNA consultancy business, Genes & Genealogy, specializing in solving unknown parentage and all manner of unknown ancestor mysteries using a combination of DNA results analysis and traditional research methodologies. She also undertakes conventional family history research, living relative tracing, media consultation, lecturing, coaching, podcasts, webinars, speaking engagements, the teaching and creation of DNA courses and article, blog and book writing commissions.

    Additionally, Michelle is known for her work on the WWI Fromelles Genealogy Project, is a co-author of Tracing Your Ancestors Using DNA: A Guide For Family Historians and is a regular speaker at major global genealogy events.

Michelle Leonard

Top Tips for Researching Your Scottish and English Ancestors

Saturday, October 21, 2023
Steve Radack Community Center
18650 Clay Road

Meet & Greet: 10:00 am
Program Begins at 10:30 am


    This presentation will provide a guide to the most useful resources for Scottish and English family history research from civil registration and census records to parish registers, maps, newspapers and more.
    Michelle will explain how to get the most out of each resource and include lots of valuable hints, tips and practical examples to help you explore the lives and times of your Scottish and English ancestors.

If you plan to attend the meeting virtually, please click on the link above to register.

Program will be in-person, and via Zoom, unless otherwise stated.

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