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WHAGS Volunteering Opportunities

    We are all glad that you have joined WHAGS, and we know you’ll find opportunities to learn new skills to help you find your roots.  But WHAGS doesn’t run by itself.  Your dues help cover some expenses, but it takes PEOPLE helping each other to make this society run, and it’s your help that we really want.

    Do you have computer skills, people skills, organizational skills?  Whatever talent you have, and however much or little time you can offer, we have a place for you to help.  And even if you don’t feel like an expert, or don’t want to bite off too much, we can show you how to do most things and make you a part of a team.  Helping with just one part of any our many teams’ work will help tremendously!

    Here's a quick feedback form to let us know where you might be interested in helping:

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