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WHAGS Presents:
Gravestone Care & Cleaning Workshop

Saturday, April 22, 2023 • 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Steve Radack Community Center, 18650 Clay Rd.

    Join us as we demonstrate how to — and more importantly, how not to — clean and maintain the gravestones that commemorate our lost ancestors’ lives.  


    Following guidelines set out by the Cemetery Conservators for United Standards (CCUS), Neal Scott will discuss and demonstrate the proper cleaning techniques for cleaning various monument materials, what is and is not safe to use, what to bring along with you when going to clean a marker, and offer some tips on photographing markers to enhance their readability.


    After the classroom training, we’ll go to the nearby Addicks-Bear Creek Cemetery, Hwy 6 at Patterson Rd, to put into practice what we’ve learned and clean some selected old headstones there.  The cemetery visit will also include geolocating graves using the Find-a-Grave app on your smart phone.


    Space is limited.

Door Prizes, including D/2 & tools, will be given away!

(quantities limited)

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