February 2022
Linda Worsham

   In our lives and the lives of our ancestors, exciting things happen, funny things happen, sad things happen…life is a journey.

    In Linda Worsham’s life some exciting things have happened.  She began her genealogy journey 48 years ago when as a newlywed she and her husband attended a family reunion. At the reunion she met a family member who had done a lot of genealogy research. Linda quickly realized there were names on the member’s family tree that were also on her own family tree. 

    This discovery set her on the quest to find the connection.  Since this was before the internet and personal computers, all of her recording was done by hand on paper. You guessed it; she found the link between the families and also discovered some great stories! 

    Linda has since written and published several books of her own.  In addition she has written and helped others get their books published.

Linda Worsham
Best Practices for Writing Family Stories

    Have you wanted to write your family history and possibly get it published but were overwhelmed by the process? This presentation will provide tips and techniques to help you write that family history.  She will also include information on how to get family history books published.  


Saturday, February 19, 2022
Steve Raddack Community Center
18650 Clay Road

Meet & Greet 10:00 am

Program Begins 10:30 am


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Program will be in-person, and via Zoom, unless otherwise stated.