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WHAGS Library

    We are excited to share an online list of the books now available in the WHAGS Library.  This will allow you to easily find books that might interest you and help you further your genealogy research.

    The WHAGS library currently comprises over 500 physical books on genealogy and related topics, recently augmented by a sizable donation made in 2021 from the Chaparral Genealogical Society upon their disolution.  Many WHAGS members put in a lot of work to combine the WHAGS and Chaparral book lists and enter them into the WHAGS Library database so they could be more widely and easily available.  So, thanks to each and every person that contributed!

    Any book may be borrowed by a current WHAGS member and there is no charge for borrowing a book, but please, we are counting on you to return it so others can enjoy it as well!  The process is all explained in the WHAGS Library Guide.

    Because access to the library is a benefit of your WHAGS membership. you'll find the WHAGS LIBRARY page within the MEMBERS ONLY section.  There you'll find a link to the online library list, as well as a downloadable pdf guidebook explaining how to use the library.

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