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Rick Armes

Director & G2 SIG Leader

     I was raised in a Military family.  While in the Army, my dad met and married my mom in Thailand.  Through Mom, I have roots in Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Denmark and Laos.  On Dad’s side, I descend from Pennsylvanian farmers who trace their roots back to colonial times and to the Isle of Jersey in the 1400’s.  

     This unlikely pairing led me to relatives with fascinating stories of life on teak plantations and the industry of the Dutch Burghers of Ceylon.  Further research discovered ancestors who experienced conflicts with French and Native Americans at settlements in western Massachusetts, participated in town council meetings in Rhode Island in the 1700’s and tilled the rocky soil of the Appalachians in Pennsylvania.  

     Such an abundance of information made me realize I needed to find a way to catalogue and cross-reference these findings.  With a background in database design, I developed document tracking software I call GENESSYS, which has enabled me to produce several books describing this rich family history.  My hope is to share this software with others to help them publish their own family histories.

     I enjoy swimming, gardening, jigsaw puzzles and a good masaman curry.  

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