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Pacquitta Laverents

Secretary & Program Chair


I enjoy solving puzzles. Therefore, it seemed natural to choose genealogy as a hobby when I retired in 2020 from a rewarding career as a life insurance actuary. Digging into family research and discovering new relationships and stories feeds my lifelong interest in history and satisfies my mathematical curiosity.


Growing up in northern Virginia, history came alive in the stories of the people who had lived in the past. My family moved to Texas when I was in high school, and the Lone Star State has remained my home ever since. Thanks to the wonders of DNA science, I’m finding I have many more relatives than I can keep up with!


Beyond genealogy, I enjoy traveling, singing in the church choir, reading, keeping score at baseball games, and attending live theater events.

Some of the travel destinations my husband and I have experienced are places like Nebraska and Denmark, where his ancestors lived and changed the landscape. The world becomes a little smaller and more familiar when we find connections across the globe and over time.

I am looking forward to serving as a Society volunteer, by encouraging participation and exchanging ideas with others in the community who have common interests.

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