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May Events

Beginners SIG

Tuesday, May 28th
Topic: Wikitree

10 am, via Zoom

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New Members!

Cindy Austin

Traci Austin

Patty Bateman

Tara Lampman Boulden

Paul Clites

Mary Beth Davis

Gene Denham

Cindy Ehrig

Lita Fraley

Diana Foss

Cynthia Gluth

Danene Johnson

Dianne Martin

Carlos Martinez

Vincent Murphy

Eileen Newsome

Delia Rodriguez

Mary Sandmann

Patrick Sammon

Fred Saunders

Jerome Schultz

Lynne Scott

Leonard Spearman Jr

Daryle Watson

Linda Williams

Linda Worsham


WHAGS Library Is Accessible Online!

    WHAGS Librarian, Linda Whitby, with help from several volunteers, has been hard at work for months to organize and catalog our library (now with over 500 physical books!), and make them available through an online catalog and check-out process.

    Read all about it and explore the new online catalog by hovering over the RESOURCES header above, and choosing WHAGS LIBRARY.

    Thank you Linda!!

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