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Thursday, July 25th
3:00pm via Zoom


WHAGS Library Is Accessible Online!

    WHAGS Librarian, Linda Whitby, with help from several volunteers, has been hard at work for months to organize and catalog our library (now with over 500 physical books!), and make them available through an online catalog and check-out process.

    Read all about it and explore the new online catalog by hovering over the RESOURCES header above, and choosing WHAGS LIBRARY.

    Thank you Linda!!

    WHAGS can now accept payment of dues, renewals, and donations using Zelle. Many of you are familiar with this method of payment that transfers funds directly from your bank account to others.  By using Zelle, WHAGS will not have to pay the 2-4% processing fee that PayPal charges us when payment is made by credit card.

   To set up WHAGS as a Zelle recipient, use this email address:

WHAGS Now Accepts Zelle   Payments


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